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Waiting on Your Next

The bright smile you seen on this photo is a stark contrast to my appearance less than one year ago. You see not so long ago I was in a state of complete exhaustion spiritually, mentally, and physically. I was growing tired, and in constant need of renewing my mind. The waiting place, often times, is not pretty(but it doesn’t have to be). It’s a place that you can find out who the REAL you is. Waking up day after day with what seems like no change and no closer to the promise of greater. However, those feelings are all a mirage of the truth. Although the movement seems slow and insignificant, its much like the Earth’s rotation around the sun. You’ll experience various seasons and varying degrees, but once the rotation is complete you’ll have gained a whole new year!

Don’t Grow weary in well doing, instead wait upon the Lord and allow Him to renew your strength and give you wings like eagles so that your place of waiting will be a place of development, a place of peace, and a place of appreciation. Because when it’s all said and done, you too will where the smile of NEXT!

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